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Altered Alchemy is a place where I share my work in mixed media jewelry and handmade books, as well as other images that inspire me.

Thank you for dropping by, I hope this sanctuary inspires you as much as it does me ...

- Wearable Art -
Aphelle by Luthien Thye
Born in the realms far beyond the reaches of man, Aphelle was manifested when the Sorceress and the Alchemist, the Seeress and the Astrologer came together in communion. The fate of mankind as foretold by the Seeress and seen in the night skies by the Astrologer was to be kept in an amulet, fabricated by the Alchemist. This amulet not only exudes beauty, it is also the key to this ancient secret. And the Sorceress … she was assigned to be Keeper of Aphelle, until the time comes when the fate of mankind would be determined by the unlocking of Aphelle … “
  • 27 January 2011
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