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the Book of Making

by Luthien Thye

For a thousand years she sleeps, in a vessel made of crystallized Amber. The Lady of Llewryad clutches in her breast her people’s most priced inheritance … the Book of Making.

For thousands of years, the Dryad Queen and her children lived deep within the Woods of Llewryad. The world on the outside was so filled with greed and deceit, that it pained her to see her innocent children slaughtered without mercy by the Mortals for pleasure and profit. And so she decided to create for her children a safe haven where they could live free and without fear. But in order for her to do that, she must summon the ancient magic which lies within the Book of Making. Though … this does not come without a price.

The Queen begins to weave into existence a world free of fear for her children. As she dances and chants the ancient magic verses from the Book, the Woods of Llewryad began to fade from the Mortal world. After many moons of dance and chant, the Woods of Llewryad have altogether disappeared from our knowledge. The fabric which hides the Fae world from the Mortal world has been created at last. Weary from toil, the Lady of Llewryad falls onto the ground into a deep sleep. Her children cased her in a vessel of crystallized Amber so that she may rest in light and peace until the day when their Queen rises again to rule over them.

For many years, the Children of Llewryad lived a peaceful and care free existence. Or so they thought. As the centuries passed, and with no Queen to guide them, a darkness has sprung amongst the saplings. Its power grows and grows, and it yearns to reunite the world of Mortals and the world of Fae once again. But in order to do that, it must get its hands on the Book of Making. For you see, hidden within the verses of the Book, exists a spell so foul, that no one ever speaks of it. It is … the Spell of Unmaking.


  • 16 August 2013
  • 750